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Coming To America There are many events impacted my life such as coming to America. Coming to America was the hardest choice in my life. I could not decide what I should do for my future. I got so many advice from everyone, especially from my dad and my mom. However, I decided to go to America, then I arrived to Oklahoma State. When I arrived there I found that the living in America is away different from Saudi Arabia. In the beginning I could not be comfortable here. It impacted my life in many ways. Also, it change my personality and my whole life. Living in a foreign country is too hard for people. Students travel to many countries for education. I am one of those students who are traveling for education. When I came to America I could…show more content…
That was hard at the beginning, but now it is okay. What I really want to say is that the living in America is very different from Saudi Arabia. In the other hand, living in a foreign country changes people in many ways. Some of the changes take you to a good way, and some of not. Coming to America helps me to manage my time. I did not know how to manage my time while I was living in Saudi Arabia. Actually, I did not know what does the time mean. Also, it made me responsible in my life. For a reason, here in America I live alone and have my own money. I get my money and know how to spend it. When I was living in Saudi Arabia I get my money from my father each day not each month, so I had not gotten a salary in month while I was there. That were the good changes that impacted my life here, but it was hard to live in the beginning. Moving to America was the biggest effect in my life. It made me appreciate what I have here. It made me appreciate for having things that I did not have in Saudi Arabia. One thing that made me more appreciate is that I live in America more comfortably than in Saudi Arabia. Here in America I learned to

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