Personal Narrative: My Three Creditable Jobs

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I have had three creditable jobs in my life, they have been in retail, camp counseling, and healthcare. Each of these employment experiences differed completely in a variety of aspects. With every new occupation came a new way of evaluation, rules to learn, and also new people. Not all of my previous places of work were ran smoothly, in all honesty sometimes it was quite chaotic. The most common reasons was improper management or sometimes it was due to employee incompetence and laziness. No matter how the vigorous or negative days were that corresponded with any job, I would always hold on to what I believed when it came to my personal definition of work and perform at my best no matter how frivolous or meaningless others thought it was. When I was on the job I would work for respect for my peers a peers, along with peace and happiness for loved ones.…show more content…
I like children so this was perfect as a first job however, other employees were not as enthusiastic as I was. If I had to guess probably four out of the ten selected counselors actually cared about the job or the children at all. When the counselors were supposed to have activates for the children, the same people would participate and the same people not. Our head counselor noticed the same people every time and did nothing to punish the individuals. Throughout that summer the few of us strived to please the children and work our hardest, however in the end we were noticed and reward for our extra

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