Breast Cancer Changes In Everyday Life

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My world changed in May of 2013 when my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Losing a parent was the most painful incident I have ever had to go through and I refused to lose my mother as well. I went into survival mode and put everything I had in me towards assisting her in her fight. She was all I had left and I was all she had. Before my mother's diagnosis, the most experience I had with breast cancer was seeing pink ribbons and hearing a little bit about it here and there. It wasn't until it became prevalent in my everyday life that I realized just how devastating it can be. My mother grew weaker every day and quickly became unable to perform tasks such as drive or get out of bed. I never realized just how much she did for me until…show more content…
One of the hardest memories I have of her illness is the day she came home from the hospital and no longer had hair. Seeing her bald head emotionally hit me hard and everything began happening so quickly. In such a short time, cancer became a huge part of my everyday life. I had to put my wants and needs on hold to help my mom through her chemo treatments and assist her through multiple surgeries. I watched the cancer begin to consume the woman I had always known to be so strong. She was fighting for her life and I felt completely helpless against such a rigorous disease. My mother is the bravest woman I know and she has overcome obstacles that no one person should ever have to face. My outlook on life completely changed over the course of those two years. I knew I had always been strong, but my mother’s cancer was a true test of my abilities to handle a tough situation. Cancer is a life lesson that no school can teach; an experience I have faced that changed me forever. After my father’s death, life was tough, but I didn’t think it could get any tougher. I felt as though nothing else could happen to me that could compare to the loss of my

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