My Dishonesty In My Life

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When anxieties are heightened and fears are explored, life’s most powerful motivators are recognized. Dishonesty from others has always been my biggest fear. My anxiety flairs, and effects everything in my life. Recollecting on my childhood, and specifically my mother, it all comes together. My mother and uncles were all results of unplanned pregnancies; products of a low-income woman forced into young, marital servitude. In turn, they also had no access to safe sex practices or contraception. With the power of unprotected and unsafe sex against them, they were also thrown into the vicious cycle of low income, uneducated, and unplanned pregnancy. My mother became pregnant at 16 years old and had my oldest brother by 17 years old. With no means of providing for herself, she dropped out of high school and lived on the road with the father of her child. Quickly and unsurprisingly, they separated due to increasing physical abuse. She moved to the next relationship in order to survive. At this moment, education was off the table for good and meeting the basics to provide for my brother was all that mattered. This relationship created my siblings and me, but the marriage was far from perfect, and they divorced after 13 years together. Once…show more content…
I met an older man and thought that I had fallen in love, and like my mother throughout my entire life, I was also financially disadvantaged. I could not make my rent, pay my car payment, and school was out of the question. In cyclic fashion, I was shadowing my mother the way that I had always feared I would. While times were giddy, and everything seemed amazing, we decided to get married. I was young and deliriously dependent on him, so I went with his idea. I should have learned from my mother’s mistakes, but I was a perfect example of a child that was a product of their environment. We wed in a silly, young love style ceremony and went on to live

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