Importance Of Mass Media In The Classroom

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Using various kinds of Mass Media in the classroom has always been a challenge, and how to bring these Media in the classroom is more than a challenge. Students and teachers should be able to use in their classrooms different Mass media through different technologies. Mass Media provide teachers and students with creative and practical ideas. They enable teachers to meet various needs and interests of their students. They also provide students with a lot of language practice through activities using newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, movies, books, Internet, etc, and tasks which develop reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. They entertain students and encourage reading English in general, both inside and outside the classroom, promoting extensive reading by giving the students the confidence, the motivation and the…show more content…
IMPLEMENTING MASS MEDIA BASED READING TASK What is described as Mass Media Based Reading Task is that the Task will be using Mass Media article as the materials. Mass Media provide students with a lot of language practice through activities using Newspaper, Magazines, and Internet. They also provide students with lots of activities promoting extensive reading. There are many kinds of Mass Media, but we are going to discuss only three of Them. 1. Newspaper By using newspaper the students may be able to understand other culture of theirs. They also can reflect the changes of the language, because newspaper are usually linguistically up-to-date. To use a material taken from newspaper, teacher shoul select an interesting articles. In spite of the difficulty of the text, the tasks should suit the level of students, this is more important than the difficulty of the text (Paul Sanderson, 2002). 2.

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