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Marilee Jones, the dean of admissions of MIT, resigned after 28 years as an administrator in the admissions office. The dean for undergraduate education received information questioning Ms. Jones's academic credentials. Her résumé, used when she was hired by MIT, indicated that she had degrees from Albany Medical College, Union College, and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. In fact, she had no degrees from any of these schools or from anywhere else. She had attended Rensselaer Polytechnic as a part-time nonmatriculated student during the 1974-75 school year but the other institutions had no record of any attendance at their schools. When Ms. Jones arrived at MIT for her entry-level position in 1979, a degree was probably not required. She then…show more content…
Jones has demonstrated that she has no integrity, forced to resign after 28 years as the dean of admissions at MIT because of the lacking degrees, and her dishonesty on her initial job application. Ms. Jones achieved the reputation of great respect from her colleagues, in order to have advanced through the ranks as the administrator of admissions. However, all the respect that she received at MIT; was based on dishonesty. Ms. Jones, even had the nerve to write a book about guiding a young adults through college, and went on a national book tour. The subject that Ms. Jones wrote about in her book, actually applies to her. The temptation to cheat or cut corners is exactly what she did, when she claimed on her job application that she had three degrees from different colleges. The truth is she did not have any degrees, and only attended one of the colleges on a part-time basis for one year. The statement that Ms. Jones made, what goes around comes around, is exactly what eventually happened to…show more content…
Jones proved that she had some great qualities, such as: a sense of humor, common sense, and outspokenness. Ms. Jones did not need to falsify her lacking degrees, she could easily have earned them. Ms. Jones proved that she is very intelligent, and her dishonesty caused much shame to her as well as to her place of employment. Ms. Jones, shown through her actions that she actually thought that she could get away with this type of cheating. Most likely, she developed a conscious for her conduct; however, she probably was too embarrassed to inform her colleagues about her dishonesty. Mr. Clay summed up her conduct, some mistakes can be forgiven, and there are other mistakes, which demonstrate lack of integrity that cannot be forgiven. The behavior that Ms. Jones demonstrated is wrong, and with no justification. Ms. Jones showed a lack of respect, and integrity to the students at MIT, the campus, her colleagues, community, as well as the nation with her book

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