Amkor Technology Case Study

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from the sample to infer something about the population. The population of Amkor Technology Sdn bhd is around 20,000 employers and employees meanwhile, the employees and office staffs becomes the respondent from all employees in this organization. And also the respondent who involve in this study is everyone who is easily available then it is convenient sampling. This is a sampling method has the least bias and offers the most generally (Sekaran, 2000). Besides, this method also able to obtain a large number of completed questionnaire quickly. Conveniently and economically. 3.2.1 Sample size The number of respondent is 150 employees from the Amkor Technology Sdn Bhd in Selangor. It chosen to collect data from 150 respondents due to factors…show more content…
The instrument for the study would be the questionnaire which is intended to identify the affect between training and development and employees performance. The questionnaire will adapted and modified to suite the context of employees performances in order to research how training and development affect the employees performance in an organization. This questionnaire was administered to 150 employees and were developed with the help of supervisor after a few discussion . The questionnaire will consist of 3 parts. Part 1 consists of the questions to gather the information about the profile of respondent. Part 2 will consist of Section A,B, and C that’s measure the variable that contribute to the components of training and development. Part 3 will measure the variable based on employee performance. 3.3.1 Layout of the…show more content…
Information from the questionnaire constituted the primary data of the research. Moreover, some interview were conducted with the selected executive and departments head. The specific reason of conducting the interview it is an important source of gathering the data. The kind of interview used was semi-structured interview. The question re predetermined, the question for the interview were not asked in any specific order. The interview was designed to allow respondents bring up with an issues they felt were interest to the subject matter. 3.4.1 Type of the data Primary data It was that used to collect once the research period to conduct our research. For instance, observation, questionnaire, interviews and so on. Once the data collected and make notes to done the research on what we researching is about. Secondary data It was an data that already exist and will used as guidance. For example, publishing book to gained knowledge and people experiences. Then, the information will used to combine with the primary data by joining the different people opinion. Quantitative data

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