Why Was World War 1 Inevitable

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Julien Todorov World War One was inevitable World War one is one of the biggest international conflicts in modern-day history, it took place in Europe and lasted for more than 4 years, from the 28th of July 1914 until the 11th of November 1918. The four years of the Great War (as it was also called) saw unprecedented levels of destruction, and it all happened thanks to the introduction of modern and much more advanced weaponry such as machine guns, tanks and chemical weapons. By the time WWI ended in the defeat of the Central Powers more than 9 million soldiers lost their lives and more than 21 million ended up being wounded. The big question is was all that necessary and was World War One inevitable? Ever since it was fought, the question of why the world decided to go to war in 1914 has been debated; did it really have to happen?…show more content…
Russia also wanted territory in the Balkans due to important trade routes in the Black Sea. France had their own reasons to go to war too, they wanted a war to happen so they can recapture their honour that they definitely lost during the Prussian-French War. Austria also wanted war because the Austrian emperor wanted territory in the Balkans from the crumbling Ottoman Empire. By the opinion of many different historians (such as Dr Heather Jones and Prof. Sean McMeekin) a major European war was indeed inevitable sometime around the 1910’s or 1920’s. The reason for that inevitability had nothing to do with just one country but rather the entire European continent. There were much more than a couple of reasons why historians think World War One was a war that wasn’t
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