What Does Gravedigger Mean In Act 5 Of Hamlet

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No one really knows exactly how old Hamlet is, but this scene helps narrow it down to a few options. The reader is aware that there is talk of Hamlet going and returning to school but back then school did not usually mean under eighteen as old as twenty two. In Act 5 scene 1, if you pay close attention, the gravedigger explains how old Hamlet is. While talking with Hamlet, the gravedigger mentions that he has been a gravedigger since the birth of King Hamlet’s son (V.i.145-155). He later tells Hamlet “I have been sexton here … thirty years” (V.i.165-166). Based on this information Hamlet is thirty years old, but there are some people out there who still have other theories about his age. The audience would only have the slightest inclination

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