My American Dream

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For as long I remember, I know I want to be succeed in life and not let my parents down for what they have to sacrificed for my brother and I. I am from Vietnam, and it has been our dream to come to American for freedom and opportunity. They said as long as you have a dream and believing in it you can rise from the ladder. I was happy to go to American while my families and friends were in tears when we said goodbye. When I came over here, things were different in a way I didn’t expect like the culture and the language people speak. I did not know anything, but I have to adapt and I change along the ways. I know I am like any other immigrants who experience the hardship when they first came to American. I remembered the hardship our family…show more content…
I work hard and try my best in school to maintain good GPA of 3.942, for I want my parents to be proud of me. Also, I was doing this for myself and for my future. Education is like a stepping stone of where I want to be in the future. A future that will let me do the things I want to do, give my parents a good life and give back to the community. If I have a chance I would like to see the world and help those in needs around the world. I saw people died from starving like the people in African, and the people who are so poor that they can’t go to doctor and just waiting to die. I want to help them. That’s why I will continue to work toward my bachelor’s degree in biology after my graduation in associate’s degree because this allows me to choose a career that can help people. I also like this major because I like science and math. For science, every day in our life involve science that we don’t know about. And for math, I think of my life problems like a math equation that I need to solve. That’s what so interesting for we always continue to learn new things every
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