Personal Narrative: My American Dream

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We always seek for opportunities that can give us a promising future and a better life. This is our American Dream, but this dream comes with many hardships. It is a long and tenacious journey. My American Dream started with a small plant given to me by my third grade teacher. Back than I was a young child that have no knowledge of the world that I was in. I was enrolled into an elementary school three days after I have arrived from China. I have to learn everything from scratch. It was a really difficult time for me. Even though it was tough, I manage to get through third grade without getting into troubles. When I first got the plant from my teacher, Mrs.Louise, I was confused. I don’t get why would a teacher give a bunch of little kids plant. After she finished passing out the plants to each of us she said,“ you kids are like this little plant, you are small and fragile, but when you grow older and you understand more you can achieve something you never know. So don’t be afraid to take that small step to change your future.” These words inspired me so much that I realized that even I can become a person with great respects and knowledge.…show more content…
During the winter the plant will start to dry up because of the penetrating, dry winter wind; however, this did not weaken the plant’s will of staying alive, it only made the plant stronger. When summer come it immediately started to take in nutrients from the sunlight and water. It’s leaves became green with glossiness on it, and it’s roots became stronger and wider. This plant is like me, there are time where things get rough, but we would not give up. During these times we became stronger and learned overcomes the obstacles that prevents us from reaching for our dreams and
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