The American Dream In The 1970's

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Opportunity, opulence, and success seem to be the sum of everyone's impression of the American dream. Since the 19th century, the ideal definition of the American dream has changed along with everything else that has changed over the years. Everyone wants a bigger and better life full of fun and riches. The American dream in the 1960s meant that everyone had freedom and equality. Americans in the 1960s got that idea from the Declaration of Independence which quotes “all men are created equal”. During this time, America was going through a stage that would change the nation drastically. Because of this change, there was lots of violence all around because people fought for freedom and equality. There were also wars going on that caused people to protest against violence. While the violence was going on, Americans included peace in their definition of the American dream. As time changed, the ideal definition of the American dream changed. Once the violence and wars were settled, new dreams and goals were made. The American dream changed over the years and through different events that took place during those times. The 1970s was a new time era where equality was enforced, Civil Rights were established and now women were entering the workforce. As African Americans gained the equality they fought for,…show more content…
One thing will lead to another. If you have the opportunity to do something, be wise and you will gain opulence. Now, the world usually measures ones success by how much money they have. Yes, everyone has their own definition of what success really is. for instance, I believe that if you make a goal for yourself and you achieve that goal, you are successful. Over all, as a nation, success is usually measured by the dollar. With that being said, once you are “successful” in the eyes of the people around you, more opportunities will come your way and so on. Like a

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