Lucas Hill Reactor Research Paper

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Lucas Height reactor is the first and only nuclear reactor built in Australia. The High Flux Australian Reactor was built in 1958 it is located in Lucas heights which is a suburb in New South Wales, south west of Sydney near Lucas Height Resource Recovery Park. Atomic Energy Commission Research Establishment was later taken over by ANSTO (Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation). The rector is built with safety precaution surrounded by forests and nearby creeks. I believe the Lucas Height reactor should have been built because it is one of the only 70 over the world that produces nuclear medicine which can help patients in need as doctors are demanding more of it. Firstly this facility is absolutely vital to the needs of medical research and treatment. As it is scarce in the world it is necessary for Australia to have it as the facility is used to diagnose and treat cancers. The medicine can be used by swallowing, inhale or injecting and it can also be used in scans for cancer and heart diseases. The Lucas Heights reactor currently produces 10,000 nuclear medicine doses each week which are then sent to more than 250 hospitals and medical practices around Australia. Unfortunately it is still not enough so this is why we need…show more content…
It doesn’t pollute the air with carbon-dioxide and has strict safety measures. They have security cameras everywhere inside and outside the reactor. It is safer now as they redesigned installed the OPAL (Open Pool Australian Light-water reactor) which was opened in 2007. The High Flux Australian Reactor or HIFAR is now not in use and replaced by the OPAL which was built near it. The OPAL is housed in a concrete building covered in a cage designed to help the building survive an aircraft crash. This is the second reason why the reactor should have been built as it is safe and beneficial for people in

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