Nonviolent Drug Offenders Jail Sentence

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Nonviolent drug offenders should still be given a jail sentence for having possession of illegal substances. Whether nonviolent drug offenders are violent or not shouldn’t really matter, they are still breaking the law by having acquired the substances. Letting them off the hook is just as worse as having violent offenders loose on the streets causing twice the amount of damage for reasons being that drugs would still be all around our streets, cities, and countries. The only way to prevent any of this from happening is to give both violent and nonviolent drug offenders the same amount of jail sentence. We are given rules for a reason, to keep our streets safe to live in a country without fear, letting nonviolent drug offenders off the hook is just as worse as the really violent drug offenders causing trouble. They both bring drugs to our society. We all still have to abide by the rules, why does someone who’s nonviolent has to be treated any differently from the person who is violent, according to Alverez “ we spend more time talking about what do you call it versus what do you do about it” (1). Which means we are just wasting time talking about if they should be charged instead of just charging them with the same crime? Our government made these laws for a reason to keep order and prosperity in our country, they should be treated the same for having illegal substances, whether nonviolent or not it shouldn’t be risked in our society just to cause nothing but trouble and break the community in which we live in.…show more content…
Being nonviolent shouldn’t really matter, they still have possession of illegal drugs. They shouldn’t be left off easy they are still breaking the law, they would still bring nothing but trouble to our streets. Nonviolent drug offenders are still breaking the law for even having acquired the

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