Essay On My American Dream

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My American Dream People from different countries come to the U.S. to start or change their lives to better themselves and their families to become successful in their future. In the U.S there is an American Dream many people can believe in. The American dream is to live by happiness in believing in yourself while having faith to never give up in order to be successful. The American dream can be accomplished in different ways, the main purpose is to pursue it. For some, who have struggled throughout their lives, Cardi B for example, she became an actor and a music artist. This proves to me even if you lived through up and downs or maybe something really negative such as domestic violence you can escape that then change your surroundings…show more content…
All of the things Cardi B has been through she was able to use that energy to make a change into pursuing her dreams. For others, the dream is about giving it your all and taking risks. Like Steph Curry, as a young child he tried many sports, he was eager to learn and willing to make it in life. Growing up he stuck with basketball and what made him better was playing with older guys who were the best, and it helped him stay positive in the game. For many, its easy for someone to follow their dream starting with an education working their way to graduating and finding what you want to study for in college. After college, you progress in having a stable career, and just with a career you can live a wealthy life, with a loving family, and living in a nice home. For me, someone like my cousin Nilsamarie Rodriguez is working towards living the American Dream, who is currently attending University of Alabama on a path to a stable career, who is also been a temporary athlete in track. Her dream is to be successful and to live a positive life. Her life compares to mine because of the struggles she has been through. I hope someday to pursue my dream and to be as strong as she did. My dream is to finish school, college, and to work my way into
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