Exemplification Essay: Life In A Brave New World

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Jessie, John, and Alexia are currently living in a unsafe environment; the house they currently live in is on the side of a road by the mountains it is not in good conditions. Jessie is hesitating to tell John and Alexia that the government wants to destroy the shack they are living in. A week later the government notified that they only have three days to leave and Alexia was freaking out she wasn’t sure how they were going to survive. They don’t have any jobs and cannot get any because there’s nowhere to get one. Alexia sits down while biting her finger nails, she instantly gets up and walks back and forward in the little space they have in the living room, she continues to bite her nails then instantly stops and with a weak voice she mentions “Where are we going to live, how are we going to get through life, we don’t have…show more content…
Jessie, John, and Alexia started to pack the very minimal things that they had. Jessie got out some old backpacks because they didn’t have anything else to put their clothes, they each had a little bit of money that they have been saving. John went to the kitchen and found some dried fruit, canned food, and some water bottles, that can help them survive for a couple of days then they can find a small store to buy some more necessities. The next day around noon they were on their way out the door with all their belongings which aren’t much so it won’t bother them to travel with. Once they walked out the door they had absolutely no idea where to go there was a

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