Accomplishments Are Important

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Being called a couch potato is definitely a nickname I would resent. A couch potato is a person who is constantly lazy and never does anything to better himself/herself. When it comes to me, I would not refer myself as a “couch potato.” I am more of an achiever. I set goals and accomplish them. I tend to refer to Thomas Jefferson’s quote, “Determine never to be idle… it is wonderful how much may be done if we are always doing.” Accomplishments are only made when doing. Accomplishments should be typical goals for every person. Accomplishments are beneficial to everyone that achieves them. In order to make accomplishments in school, one cannot be idle. If idled, one’s health may begin to suffer. In addition, one cannot continue life goals if not busy. First of all, in order to succeed in school and accomplish goals, one must not be idle. School involves a tremendous amount of work to be completed. Teachers provide a lot of information to be learned and comprehended. In order for the information to be taught…show more content…
Sitting and not doing anything, while watching television, will not help me earn my dream job/career. Earning my dream career would mean everything and more to me. That would be a marvelous opportunity to receive. One opportunity has already occurred for me. Almost two years ago, I had the opportunity to help a shelter. Helping shelters was a goal for me to achieve throughout my life. When I finally received this opportunity, I was idle. Because of my idleness, I never achieved this life goal, which led to disappointment. Another life goal that I plan to accomplish is to purchase a gigantic home. In order to do this, I cannot waste my time and be idle. I will need to make a plan for myself. I will need to earn a sufficient college degree to earn an exceptional career, in order to pay for my dream home. Life goals should be goals for everyone to be able to compose and achieve, while not being
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