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Mutual Engagement Organizations and its leaders have the difficult task of managing internal and external environmental factors in order to maintain an effective and high performing organization. Not only do the multiple environments play a part in this delicate dance, but task or works systems, and people also effect the overall performance of the organization. The purpose of this assignment is to discuss how people shape an organization’s mutual engagement. This paper will focus on Community Health Center of Central Wyoming (CHCCW) during this framework evaluation. Community Health Center of Central Wyoming Community Health Center of Central Wyoming (CHCCW) is a health care facility that provides comprehensive health care services to residents…show more content…
This step helps to build leaders a roadmap or framework of where to begin. Spector (2013) defines diagnostic framework as “a roadmap to analyzing alignment that makes explicit both the key elements of an organization that need to be aligned and the interconnections and interdependencies among those elements” (p.54). Once the issue has been clearly defined mutual engagement from all parties within the organization can then take shape. It is important to include all opinions of individuals involved to create a sense of buy-in to resolving the situation at hand. In order for mutual engagement to work effectively, open and honest communication builds on the framework to enrich understanding of the organizational culture (Spector, 2013, p.55). Basically, “change occurs through changing the conversation in a system” (Holman, 2013, p.18). Being able to communicate effectively and efficiently, is the key to learning the system of people. By being silent, leaders cannot learn from the individuals in the organization to better the culture. Open communication is vital to growth, success, and sustainable change within an organization. It is the organizations leader’s obligation to create, maintain, encourage, and enable open, honest communication between all participants of the system (Spector, 2013,…show more content…
The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the Chief Operations Officer (COO) mention they want open communication and there is an open door policy, but their behaviors show the employees different. The chiefs develop the strategic plan with other senior leaders and then disseminate the information among the culture without input from other individuals within the organization. When an employee speaks up, his or her ideas are usually shot down without any further consideration or discussion. This behavior from the leaders creates a divisive culture throughout the entire organization and causes a breakdown in systems. In order for CHCCW to be successful in the future, leadership needs to evaluate how employees are being treated, and how effective the communication pathways are between vertical and horizontal levels of the

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