Boys V Girls And Antigone Analysis

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Question 3: How is the motif of borders, boundaries, or enclosures represented in various works we have studied this term? At least two works must be discussed, and comparison should be mutual. Term Paper: Social Feminism in Boys v Girls and Antigone [edited on June 27th] As culture evolves, as does the conflicting discussions on individual responsibilities and that of social norms. Both in 1917’s Canada where woman weren’t even given the vote, and in Ancient Greece, where woman weren’t given political and legal access but where only used to bare children, one can think gender values may never change. (Cite) Alice Munro and Sophocles both argue that societies ought to adhere to the changing values and responsibilities of both men and woman…show more content…
Haemon, the son of Creon crosses boundaries and borders as he attempts to reason with the king of Thebes. Haemon addresses his father on how to be a wise ruler, hoping to influence him to change his mind about sending his wife, Antigone, to death. He says the wise man is not the one who never changes his mind. (Cite) A wise man listens to others and can admit when he is wrong. (Cite) There is no shame in “learning more, and knowing when to yield” (line 711). Haemon tells Creon information that he does not know, such as the fact that the public supports Antigone. They see his act towards her as injustice, and they won’t think him any less if he relents, rather will gain trust. Haemon compares the situation to “trees that grow beside a torrent” (line 712). If the trees bend, they keep their branches. If they “resist, [they] are torn out, root and branch” (line 714). This metaphor can be compared to a storm, for Creon has created a crisis, and Antigone is stepping in, with her family, is raising a storm in Thebes. Creon will only make it worse by becoming rigid and bending like the trees. Haemon points out he needs to turn in order to make it through this storm. Instead, Creon is…show more content…
Munro uses the example of the two horses Mack and Flora, which are a representation of Laird and the narrator. “Henry was leading Mack by the halter (154).” While Henry Bailey led Mack, he [Mack] didn’t resist as if he knew what his future was. He [the father] “walked away in a straight line (154)” as if Mack was only following military orders. The same can be shown as Laird was quick to take her fathers’ command. In contrast to Laird, the free-thinking protagonist is compared to the horse Flora. As the horse flew through the gates the narrator thought to herself: “it was exciting to see her running, whinnying, going up on her hind legs and threatening as a horse in a western movie (156).” Flora’s escape shows the fading excitement of the protagonist and her inspiration to attack against social norms. In Flora’s case, it’s the butchering of animals, and in the protagonist’s case it is the freedom of a woman to think freely of her interests and daily

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