Music During The Baroque Era

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Different eras of music changed how music was written. During the classical era, music was choppy and repetitive, only because most music was commissioned by the church. In the Baroque period, music became more free standing. One of the largest changes probably came in the romantic era. Music began to show passion, and excitement like it was never done before. During the Romantic era, emotion became the driving power of pieces, social issues majorly influenced pieces, the parts of romantic became clear, and the instrumentation of music changed. Romanticism came out of the political and social stresses from the French Revolution. It was considered a dramatic period with many contradictions between capitalism and socialism, freedom and oppression,…show more content…
Benefactors were smaller, but the exclusiveness was still strong. Composers were constantly trying to gain large audience recognition and acceptance. Performers were no longer able to be unskilled and poorly trained. This new style of music was much more complicated and was more demanding. They were very sensitive to criticisms. Performers were also very dedicated to the audience. The Romantic style of music was much more technically demanding and required dedicated musicians. Many composers such as Liszt and Chopin were also performers of their own works. The church at this time was no longer a patron of music, so the teachings of music now was considered a actual profession.Schools for educating and performing music started to exist; many prominent composers and performers such as Liszt, Mendelssohn, Brahms and Schumann achieved wide recognition as teachers (Kauble…show more content…
The subjectivity let this style of music be highly influenced by human emotions. Because music could not physically draw pictures or ideas, composers wrote parts that imitated natural sounds. Much of this music has a sentimental quality. All music has a degree of emotion to it, but Romantic composers made it their mission to intensify that ideal. By using chromatic (progression by half steps) in main melodies, and by exploiting tensions in the music (by no resolving dissonance immediately), composers were able to keep their audience in states of suspense for long periods of times. Since the Romantic style of music came from the French after the Napoleonic wars, composers became influenced by the heavy nationalistic feelings. The timbre and texture of orchestral color became more effective in the 19th century because composers now had the availability of improved musical instruments

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