Cultural Diversity In Canada Essay

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Canada is a country of great diversity. It consists of various religions, races, and natural formations and ecosystems. This peaceful country is the second largest country in the world, next to Russia. Most of Canada’s land is either uninhabited or thinly populated because the country has rough landscape and severe climate. Canada spreads across North American from the province of Newfoundland and British Columbia. It is a region of great natural beauty including tall mountains, crystal-clear lakes, and flourishing forests. (World Book Encyclopedia) The capital of Canada is Ottawa, while the largest city in the country is Toronto. Canada is notorious for their maple. Their national symbols include a maple leaf and a beaver. The famous maple leaf represents the nation because it is in the center of their flag. The flag consists of two colors – red and white. In the center, it has a red maple leaf with 11 points. This flag became official in 1965. (World Book Encyclopedia) The national anthem is…show more content…
The educational system is a workforce with qualifications recognized and respected by the world. The system provides children a supportive academic environment with approachable educators. The classrooms reflect the cultural diversity of the country, just like their literature. (educationau-incanada). Canadian Literature reflects the background of Canada’s various geography and regions and diverse people. Since the time of the first permanent European settlement in Canada, most pieces of their literature have been written in French and English. Most literature written in French are by authors from Quebec. Those pieces are known as literature Québécoise or Québécoise literature. Canada struggled to build its own identity in literature that portrays who Canadians are and interprets them to the world. Literature is like any art – it is supposed to convey a story. (World Book

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