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During the time of John Sebastian Bacch people may have known him as an amazing organ player for Lutheran the church, but in today’s society he is recognized as one of the most greatest composers of all time. From Bach’s composition of St Matthew passion to his sets of work like Sonatas and partitas for solo violin he created an innovation of music that he or no one saw coming. John Sebastian Bach created many songs and hymns that were sang in the church. Though at the time he wrote primarily for the church his music and music style now goes far beyond the demographic of the church. Bach lead a life of musical accomplishments even up to the point of his death, all of which set the foundation for composers to come like Felix Mendelssohn. Bach…show more content…
Bach gained positions and jobs through out his life that required him to write a cantatas for Sunday services and special occasions and eventually one for every month. In a letter of resignation from St. Blasiu’s church Bach wrote he was leaving to better the chances of him reaching his goal which was, "the achievement of my goal of a well-regulated church music.” A big affect on the style of John Sebastian Bach was the work of Martin Luther. Martin Luther created a huge movement that shook the church up and redefined what worship is and what it should look like in the church. John Bach was raised Lutheran in Germany, which is where the reformation of Martin Luther happened, so a lot of Bach’s work reflects the works of Luther. Bach was able to work for Duke of Weimar as an organist, prince Anhalt-cöthen as a composer, and also for St. Thomas Church as a cantor. The church held much power at this time in terms of politics, culture, and over all life; so it can be seen with Martin Luther’s actions and belief of worship and professional musicians having a place in the church how Bach lived a life as a professional musician with all the positions and affiliations he had a yet maintained a life and major role in the church. Another influence of Bach was his older brother Christoph, “ Not only did he provide a home for his youngest brother, he furthered Sebastian’s professional musical development during the most formative years of his

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