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The Italian cuisine that we know of today has its roots from generations of social and industrial modifications. Though typically characterized as simple, Italian cuisine and what it consists of is quite the contrary. History, ingredients, regional variation, meal structure, and food establishments are all factors that make up the delicious cuisine that Italy is known for. Amongst the different ingredients that lie in the bed of Italy’s staples is a nut- an almond to be more specific. Almonds are seeds that are derived from a breed of tree. Not only nutritious, the seed that is produced from the tree lies closely related to other stone fruits such as the peach, cherry, and plum. The main difference between these fruits and the almond is…show more content…
Desalvo and Edvige Giunta wrote a thought-provoking novel that is devoted to the art of milking almonds while associating the nut with the all-embracing issue of food and culture in Italy and The United States of America. Within their work, the authors describe the process of shelling almonds as well as the method used to extort milk from them. Desalvo and Giunta write, “though it takes hard work to shell almonds, it takes even harder work to extract milk from them. Crushed almonds, sugar, water: the simple, delicious combinations used to make pasta reala, almonds paste- literally, royal paste- and used to make the milk of almonds, latte di mandorle, the ambrosia of the Italian south.” The words that are written from the authors allows the reader to fully imagine the heart that is placed within the actions that are taken to receive the milk from the almond. They go on to write, “tradition requires that you put ground almonds in a muslin bag, soak the paste in cold water for at least an hour, and squeeze repeatedly until the water is, as Mary Taylor Simeti describes it in On Persephone’s Island, ‘beautiful cloud white swirls,’ like ‘a Tintoretto sky.’” Tradition has considerable importance in the cuisine of any culture. The way one culture produces almond milk is not necessarily the ay in which another culture creates

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