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Paralympic Swimming Paralympic Games is a multi-sport event which is specially for athletes with disabilities. This concept was devised by Sir Lugwig Guttman, a neurosurgeon in 1948 but it was known as International Wheelchair Games in the past. The purpose for this game is to provide athletic therapy for people in wheelchair and improve the quality of life for people with spinal cord injuries. In 1960, the first Paralympic Games held in Rome, Italy only includes archery, basketball, fencing, javelin, shot-put and three swimming events. Year after year, Paralympic Games has led a parallel existence with Olympic Games. However, the Paralympic Swimming is slightly different from the Olympic Swimming as the swimmers need to classify into different…show more content…
For instance, Yip Pin Xiu, who is also known as “Pin Xiu the golden girl”, then a 16 years old girl with muscular dystrophy has been the first Singapore athlete to win a gold medal in the 50m backstroke during the 13th Paralympic Games in Beijing in 2008. The Singapore Government has awarded Yip the Singapore Youth Award in Sport and Adventure, who has contributed notably to the society and achieved excellence in swimming. This is also to raise the awareness of Paralympic Swimming in the particular or other countries and encourage the disability swimmers to further commit in the games from lower level to higher level like Interschool Swimming Meets, Asia Paralympics , Swimming Championship, ASEAN ParaGames and Summer Paralympic Games. Moreover, it can slowly boost up the swimmers confidence’s level in the games and to encourage more disable people to join as they might think that they can perform as the normal athletes or even better than them. Thus, the government is an essential party in the development of Paralympic Swimming. In conclusion, Paralympic Swimming is an adaptation sports for disabled athletes. It increased the freedom of movement of the athletes with disabilities in the water. It also helps the athletes to keep fit and health, and balance their muscle as they might struggle a lot on the solid ground. Hence, Paralympic Swimming is a sport that builds confidence of the athletes to face the world and give them a chance to live like a normal

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