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Muhammad: The Fierce Warrior We have all called someone a hero in our lives, whether it was our parents for raising us, a doctor dedicated to saving are life, or a soldier for allowing us are freedom. As you can see, there is a wide variety of heroes in the world. To be a hero you do not need the ability to fly or the ability to shoot lasers from your eyes. Heroes are people who dedicated their lives to a specific thing matter causing people to look up to you. Though many people might not see Muhammad Ali as a hero, Muhammad was one of the best boxers of all time, proving that sports are more than just entertainment, as well as show that a black man can overcome social oppression. As many may know, Muhammad Ali was one of the best boxers of all time. Muhammad discovered his passion for boxing when a group of kids stole his bike. A police officer, Joe Martin trained young Muhammad to be a boxer. Ali…show more content…
Ali grew up in the South dealing with much racism as a child. This led him to find his true talent as a boxer having to defend himself. Ali retired from boxing in 1981, later diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. The neurological disease attacks the part of the brain that controls movement. Despite his condition, Ali was named a public figure. Ali gained this title for standing up against racism as well as militarism. “As a supporter of the radical Nation of Islam, Ali spoke against the assimilation of black and white races, maintaining that black people should remain culturally distinct.”(“Muhammad Ali | History”) He released a book in 1991, called Muhammad Ali: His Life and Times. The same year he went to Iraq to negotiate the release of American hostages from Saddam Hussein. Also went to Afghanistan as a UN Messenger of Peace in 2002. Once Ali returned he set up a non-profit organization to build a center to help people with Parkinson’s disease as well as displaying his boxing

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