How Does Leadership Style Affect Employee Job Satisfaction

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Research Paper Topic: Leadership Style and its impact on employees job Satisfaction A study of Administrative Staff of private Sector Universities in Karachi Submitted by: KASHIF JAN I.D: SM14-ES-0004 Course: Advanced Research Methodology Program: M.S (HRM) Submitted To: Sir Waqar Qadri (Course instructor Advanced Research Methodology) University Name: Muhammad Ali Jinnah University Abstract Leadership is a process that exists between leaders and subordinates where a leader endeavor to influence the deeds of subordinates to achieve the organizational goals. Organizational success in achieving its goals and objectives depends on the leaders of the organization and their…show more content…
Another reason why employees lose interest in their jobs can be as a result of monotonousness of work load, work place conflict or insufficient compensation. Moreover, the sole responsibility of ensuring employee happiness rests with the managers and leaders. Work must match employee capability and performance ability in order to be productive. A favorable working circumstance also plays an imperative role in employee job satisfaction; also the comfort an employee enjoys at work enables the employee to contribute the best that can be offered. As it is becoming clearer by the day that increment in pay is not a requirement for job satisfaction, rather salaries should be comparative to position and work been carried out. This is where feedback comes into play as leaders and employers can determine if all is well with the employees. Employee explores the things by job satisfaction that is important to him (Commander and Dinesh, 2011) and feels a level of satisfaction (Bekele & G.M,…show more content…
Leadership Styles The leaders might be take the different management procedures according to their perception and the style preferences of their subordinates [Wood, R.C, 2010] and to make their power significant and to achieve organizational goals leadership style can be varied according to the type of authority that used by a leader over subordinates, Mullins, L.J. Rollinson, D (2010) categorized leadership style as autocratic, participative and laissez-faire according to behavior and power of leaders and styles are distinguished by the influence of manager and subordinates. more specifically the leader that have full authority of decision making and organizational control is embedded as autocratic leadership style, in participative style leader share and delegate his/her employees’ decision making authority and in Laissez- faire behavior maximum authority of decision making is given to subordinates by leaders. [Kavanaugh, R.R,

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