Superficiality In The Great Gatsby

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Theme(s): Superficiality is one ongoing theme in the novel. The feud between citizens of East Egg and West Egg are based on typical differences between social classes. For example, denizens of East Egg are selfish and unmotivated like the Middle class image in 1920s, while the inhabitants of West Egg are ostentatious, and posh like the typical, rich, urban folks. Furthermore, the actions of the main characters show how superficial both classes could be when their judgement was compromised. Tom uses George, emotionally unstable gun, to indirectly get Jay and clean up his own mess, while Daisy takes advantage of Jay’s love and makes Jay take the fall for Myrtle’s death, since she knows that a secretly low class man like Jay would do anything for love. Both examples give the solid proof of how superficial the community was at this pinnacle point in history.…show more content…
When Jay meet Daisy for the first time, they both fell in love, but Daisy would not stay with him due to Jay’s low wealth. Jay, an ambitious person from his youth, came back after the war and earned his wealth through unknown and illegally implied activities. We do not see any character, especially from the High-class show such ambition for the sake of Love. Tom saw his affair with Myrtle as a mess near the climax of the novel and chose to ignore his feelings for Myrtle and settle for Daisy, because he saw it as the cleanliest escape route. Nick accepts Jay as a friend when he discovers his illegal involvement and understands why Jay took such a path. Daisy, on the other hand, could not compute how Jay could do such activities for the sake of his love This is a clear showcase of how the power of love varies between the two

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