Character Analysis Of Frank Money In The Korean War

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Characters: • Frank Money – Main character, veteran of the Korean War, African American, declared as mentally ill, has many flashbacks to the Korean War • Cee Money – Frank’s sister, ran away with her lover after Frank left for the war, used as a test subject for Dr. Beau • Lily – Frank’s girlfriend, left by Frank in order to find his sister, able to handle Frank’s memories from the war • Lenore Money – Frank & Cee’s grandmother, abusive, lost most of her family to wars, Frank and Cee’s only family left • Sarah – Dr. Beau’s servant, sent the letter to Frank saying that Cee is in trouble • Dr. Beau – Did illegal experiments on people including Cee, caused Cee to be unable to have children Conflict: Frank Money receives a letter saying that his sister is in trouble while he is in a mental hospital. While trying to find his sister, Frank looks back to his time in the Korean War and his childhood. However, the flashbacks to the horror of the war causes him to question himself and his choices. With the memories of the war and being African American during this time, Frank encounters many obstacles while looking for Cee. During the entire search, he is undecided on what to do after finding his sister and is unsure if he should go back to his hometown after leaving for many years.…show more content…
Beau’s home due to Sarah’s help. Both Frank and Cee get the courage to return to their hometown despite of the bad memories that they encountered as children there. By returning to Lotus, Frank is able to save Cee’s life with the help of the elder women. Their relationship is reconnected after many years of separation while trying to recreate a home in

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