The Fix Poem Meaning

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Nelly has been gone for merely a minute, he makes a dazzling return with a well sampled track from Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing.” The song is titled “The Fix” and it will have you fixed to your phone, iPod or radio every time it plays. It is so beautifully sampled it creates a notion that Marvin Gaye would be impressed with the outcome. Nelly teams up with Jeremih who is an illustrious factor when it comes to how his touch absolutely elevates a song. Jeremih puts up a powerful vocal performance on the chorus and he swimmingly recreates the Marvin Gaye sound quite brilliantly. “The Fix” has another tremendous touch of the always on point DJ Mustard, which is always an assurance of quality production resulting into a smashing song. The key melody from “Sexual Healing” by Marvin Gaye plays in the background but with a modified sound. They take the Marvin Gaye sound and they add a 2015 feel and you’ll completely love it. Nelly…show more content…
His capability has never been questionable and he brings it on its A- game even on “The Fix” and fused with Nelly’s trancing performance, they give the song a highly suiting sound.I have always been fascinated by Nelly being one of those rappers that can actually do a commendable job with the singing aspect they bring to a song. He does incredible background vocals and adlibs on the Chorus for Jeremih and they are a wow! Factor. His well laid verses don’t stray from the familiar style that is Nelly’s music. Something I cannot be the only one that has noticed is that almost falsetto effect in his adlibs and background vocals. He brings it with him on “The Fix” and it never gets
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