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Muhammed Ali, original name cassius Marcellus Clay Jr., is known for being a world famous heavyweight boxer among the years of 1954 to 1981. He defeated such boxers as Tony Esperti, Jim Robinson, Donnie Fleeman, Alonzo Johnson, George Logan, Willi Besmanoff, Lamar Clarkk, Doug Jones, and last but not least, Henry Cooper; he also had several victories during his successful boxing career. Before Ali decided to retire from boxing, he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Although Muhammad Ali is retired, he is still considered one of the utmost athletes in boxing history; people from around the world still idolize him and his highly unorthodox style of boxing. Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr was born January 17, 1942 in Louisville, Kentucky to Odessa…show more content…
In 1964, he became the heavyweight champion of the world by knocking out Sonny Liston. Clay was known for boasting about his impressive skills before a fight and for his flamboyant descriptions and phrases. Ali was not afraid to sing his own praises, because he often referred to himself as “the greatest,” and told reporters that he could “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” in the boxing ring. After numerous fight, he gained his nickname “Muhammad Ali.” Cassius clay earned his nickname from the way he fought in the ring he was an impressive fighter, quick handed and light on his feet. He earned a lot of awards form the way he did in the ring. Ali never seemed much to care for sparing with partners, but he was not known for his effort. He would flash his skills for 10-15 seconds when sparring, but the rest of the time, he did not appear to be interested. Ali had a highly unorthodox style for a heavyweight boxer. Rather than the normal boxing style of carrying the hands high to defend the face, he instead relied on his ability to avoid a punch. In Louisville, October 29, 1960 cassius clay won his first professional fight. He won a six round decision over Tunney hunsaker, who was the police chief of Fayetteville, West Virginia. Clay also won a disputed 10 round decision over Doug Jones, who, despite being lighter than Clay, staggered Clay as soon as the

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