Aeschylus 'Libation Bearers'

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Mockery of Logics There are two Greek tragedies that have the same plot but the specifics of how things play out in each play varies. The Libation Bearers by Aeschylus is the original play from 458 BC and Electra, written by Euripides, is the recreation written 48 years later in 410 BC. The two plays have varying methods of bringing the end product, the death of Clytemnestra, to fruition. In The Libation Bearers it is exemplified that Electra knows her brother was at the site of their father’s grave by three tokens. Each of these tokens is observed in the play Electra, but they are all mocked because of the foolish reasoning Aeschylus had behind each of them. Even though Aeschylus used illogical tokens, this strange way of thinking may be seen…show more content…
Medea, the main character is exiled and her husband has left her for another woman. What he has done to her has turned her very bitter. Being the weak woman she is, Medea creates an elaborate plan to destroy the light of her husband, Jason. She sends a beautiful coat and crown which had been cursed to her husband new wife. Whenever Glauke, Jason's new wife, puts on these cursed items she catches on fire. When her father Creon sees this he throws himself upon her and they both die in the fire. This fire represents the hate that is in Medea's…show more content…
The sacrifice is seen as very respectful as the men put risk items on her and they even after angry with those who have nothing for her body. Hecube sees the sacrifice as something which needed to be done in order to suffice the gods. She is a reasonable person and knows that if one upsets the gods they can make life very difficult. It is this logic which makes Hecube the intelligent woman she is. It is seen through these two acts that Hecube was acting out of justice not out of cruelty. She is seen doing what needs to be done in order to avenge her son's death. This makes Hecube a hero. It is not often that a person doesn’t take justice too far. Hecube just wants him to understand her pain, therefore she does what she can to make him understand. Allowing someone to use revenge as a scapegoat for their problems can cause dramatic effects. It is seen in history time and again with Hitler blaming the Jews and finding a reason for vengeance so that he could wipe out an entire race. If people allow hate crimes like this, the murder of two innocent children along with a princess and her father, simply because of jealousy then ten world will continue to fall. It is even seen today that people are killing others simple so that other people can feel the pain which has been caused to them. If people would see that if a little love and compassion were given then

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