Chillingworth Vs Ahaay

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Revenge--- it can turn the most innocent saints into outlaws in the blink of an eye. Ranging from fighting, stealing, and even killing, the urge to seek vengeance towards an enemy sometimes proves to be too much to bear. This urge is evident with the antagonists in The Scarlet Letter and Moby Dick, Roger Chillingworth and Captain Ahab. Both are very evil men, but Chillingworth is evil for reasons different than Ahab. Chillingworth’s heinous personality is brought upon him in ways that are unlike those of Ahab. Chillingworth, for example, never intends on killing Dimmesdale. His goal is solely focused on torturing Dimmesdale and watching him suffer. This is part of the reason why he stays with Dimmesdale in the cabin, so he can be sure that…show more content…
Ahab, for example, wanted to kill Moby Dick as soon as possible. This is apparent anytime Ahab spots even one of the whale’s fins, as he basically yells at his crew to change course toward the whale immediately. At one point he even disregards a large group of whales swimming together for the chance of only killing Moby Dick. The significance of that event is that a large group of whales yields far more money, which is the main reason the crew is there. The money that only Moby Dick would yield would be far less. The Captain is evil not only because he loses sight of the crew’s purpose for his own revenge, but also because he directly causes the death of nearly his entire crew when trying to chase after Moby Dick. Even after the constant begging of his crew to turn back and forget about the whale, Ahab still sails on, disregarding the depleting health of his crew members by riding through thick ice and almost sinking the ship. This type of behavior continues until he finally gets close enough to kill Moby Dick, but ends up drowning and getting his ship completely destroyed with most of his crew still aboard. He can also be categorized as evil because of the way he meets his death and what form it comes in. He is so devoted to kill Moby Dick that he climbs on top of him and begins repeatedly stabbing him with his own weapon. The whale, becoming agitated, drags Ahab

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