Comparing Nothing But The Truth 'And Honesty'

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After reading Nothing But The Truth, The Diary of Anne Frank, and “honesty” by Don Marquis, I am comparing Philip and Anne. Anne and Philip both have very contrastive ideas of many things, however, they have a myriad of comparative attributes within them. At first glance, readers wouldn’t consider Philip, a normal high school boy in current times to be similar to Anne Frank, a teen girl during World War II and a world-renowned historical figure who more or less changed the world. Delving into a much deeper level, one can demonstrate their understanding of the literature as a whole. Rather than stating the irrelevant details about the stories, excavating significant ideas and features relating to the characters or the theme would be more beneficial to a proper comprehension of the literary works. Analyzing these characters and their stories I have come to a conclusion: both characters share the feature of passion but have trouble showing it properly and the truth will always come out whether it be by the brutal honesty Anne Frank had or, in Philip Malloy’s case, if it “comes back to bite you in the butt,” for lack of a better phrase. Anybody can easily find similarities between two people or topics without even blinking an eye. However, to…show more content…
In Nothing But The Truth, a conflict between Miss Narwin and Philip arises because he was humming the national anthem while it was playing in morning homeroom one day. This conflict blows up and out of proportion, resulting in Miss Narwin’s dismissal and Philip’s expelling. The irony comes in when Philip goes to his new school, Washington Academy, and his homeroom teacher informs him that the class usually starts the day of by singing the national anthem. Like that, itself wasn’t enough, Philip’s teacher, Miss Rooney, requests for Philip to lead the national anthem for the class as Philip starts to cry. “I don’t know the words,” Philip

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