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The Diary Of Anne Frank is simultaneously an emotional historical tragedy and a literary jackpot. Though Anne Frank penned the original diary, it was her father Otto who got the work published. This is a tale of a young girl stuck in an attic hiding from the Nazis and the anti semitic leaders and citizens of Germany. Anne is aged around thirteen at the beginning of the diary and the beginning of her two years in hiding in the secret annex. Other inhabitants of the annex include her mother Edith, her father Otto, and her sister Margot. There is also another family in the annex called the Van Pels (dubbed Van Daans by Anne in her diary) including a Father, Mr.Van Daan, a mother, and a son Peter. Lastly there was a single dentist that lived in the annex with the two families called Mr. Dussel. The Van Daans son, Peter is one of the main characters in both Anne's original diary and all other adaptations of the work. Peter is portrayed as being very dependent on other people's opinions and thoughts of him, being very quiet, and being envious of Anne's outgoing and confident persona. In The Diary Of Anne Frank, the character Peter is not confident. In The Diary Of Anne Frank, the character Peter cares what other people think of his actions…show more content…
Anne is sanguine and courageous and Peter wishes to have her bravery but is the opposite. Peter mentions to Anne that he has seen her at their school when he says “You were always in the middle of a bunch of kids.” (1:2). Peter was always an outsider, longing to be brazen and unabashed like the other kids in Anne's circle. Also, Peter announces “I heard about you...how you talked so much in class they called your Mrs.Quack Quack.” (1:3). Peter is making fun of Anne in a way that shows he actually covets her bold attitude. Peter envys Anne, who has a lot of self assurance because he has

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