Comparing Goodrich And Hackett's The Diary Of Anne Frank

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The lively characters in Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett’s play, The Diary of Anne Frank all changed greatly, including thirteen year old Anne Frank. During the two years that the people were stuck up in the secret annex, in hiding, conditions and duration cause each character to change. Understandably, most people would mature over two years. Anne started off an innocent teen, concerned about friends and pleasure. Without caring for others and without thinking of future repercussions Anne could’ve been considered immature. Anne Frank changes and matures greatly through the gain of self-control, thoughtfulness, and consideration for others. Anne gain self-control through the two years in hiding. In the beginning Anne was obnoxious, antagonistic, and out of control. It came to the point where everyone was upset at Anne. “Why aren’t you nice and quiet like your sister Margot,” outwardly stated Mr. Van Daan. “I could kill you for this,” furiously said miss Van Daan. In the end Anne learns to control herself better. As some would like to think, she doesn’t cause everyone to be as upset. With a gain of self-control Anne learned to be thoughtful and think about the world around her.…show more content…
At first Anne doesn’t care what anybody thinks or how she appears to others. Additionally, she didn’t put much thought into the outcomes of what was going on around her. Anne stated, “Who cares if it’s dignified? I don’t want to be dignified.” She doesn’t think outside of her “little world” of friends, playing, and having fun. In the end she starts to think about what she sees, about herself, and about her actions. “You’re making a big mistake about me. I do it all wrong. I say too much. I go to far. I hurt people’s feelings…,” Stated Anne. As she becomes more thoughtful she sees her mistakes in how she treats

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