Frances Goodrich's The Diary Of Anne Frank

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What happens to a person’s personality when they begin to grow-up and develop? In Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett's play, "The Diary of Anne Frank", Anne Frank starts to mature into a young woman. When discrimination against Jews begins and the Nazis come to power, Anne is forced to go into hiding with her family and the Van Daans. She started living in the Secret Annex, secluded from the prejudice Nazis in the outside world. Throughout the her time in the annex, Anne grows and develops from a child into a courageous and well behaved young adult. As a result, Anne starts treating Peter politely and is more courageous while in hiding. Soon after she moves into hiding, Anne is still a young girl, so she still acts immature and impolite. Anne's mother does not think Anne should play so rough and intimate with Peter, an older boy. She says it is disrespectful, but Anne does not listen nor care.…show more content…
The Nazi Green Police found Anne with her family and friends in the annex. When the police are running up to them, Anne is not frightened, but bravely stands beside her mother and father, and helps reassure them. The stage directions explain: “ANNE stands, holding her school satchel, looking over at her father and mother with a soft, reassuring smile. She is no longer a child, but a woman with courage to meet whatever lies ahead” (280). When she knows she will be taken to a concentration camp and separate from her family, Anne is not scared for her future but stands calmly with her family. She has grown out of her childishness and has matured into a woman. A child would usually be very afraid at such a situation, but Anne stayed calm and peacefully waited for the Nazis. She shows with her calm behavior that she has grown into a young adult. Anne has developed into a courageous woman and shows her bravery when it is most

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