Examples Of Socialization In The Breakfast Club

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Lydia Emery PD:8/9 What is Socialization? It means the adoption of the behavior of the surrounding culture. In the Breakfast Club there has been four identified theories of socialization. Which include Self-Looking Glass, Psycho-analytic, Behavioral, and Erikson’s 8 stages of Development. These theories were identified by watching the students in Saturday detention that have broken a rule that is considered a society norm. The time goes on and the students show what is going on in their personal lives which have relevance to the theories of Socialization. One of the theories that is identified is the Self-Looking Glass. The Self-Looking Glass is a social psychological concept which was created by Charles Horton Cooley. It states that it is the image of oneself that one gains by seeing the self mirrored in other’s eyes. The student, Andrew, displays this theory very well. He is “the athlete” of the school and is very popular. He puts out to others around him that he is arrogant and very full of himself. He also makes fun students around him. Andrew lets other people around him think for himself. For an example, Andrew will stop at nothing to impress his father and he tortured a kid because he wanted his dad to think he was cool. The example shows that he cares and needs other people’s approval which shows the theory of the Self-Looking Glass.…show more content…
It was created by Sigmund Freud. Its meaning is concerning the relation of conscious and unconscious psychological processes. The student that shows this theory is Claire Standish which is the pretty, popular and wealthily girl in her high school. She is looked at that she is snobby and stuck up. She comes of this way because her friend behavior her friends behavior makes her snobby which proves the Psycho-Analytic

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