It's Time To Take Illegal Immigration

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Sometimes journeys are dangerous rather than relaxing, and sometimes a dangerous journey is necessary. In the story “The Trip”, people took risks to live a better life. Different people, different races, different purposes with different expectations. They went on a journey with unsureness, and their life or death is based on their fortune. Sadly, even if they succeed, most of the migrants can hardly fit in the new environment.But without such a risk taking trip, they have no chances to improve their living conditions. Take illegal immigration as an example. Illegal immigration has always been a problem of the governments. Not only population grow rapidly, also increased the demand of resources. But if we look at it with a different perspective, we might do the same thing as well. I…show more content…
It does causes problems to other countries, but they move because their government doesn’t treat them well. There’s no win-win solution for the illegals and the governments. For those refugees, laying bets on a dangerous trip might be the only choice to escape from chaos. There is once I read an article about a photographer taking pictures of contents of migrants’ bags. Just like those classic topics in the fashion magazine, but with a different tone. Those are their only properties, something you’ll take if you only got 5 seconds. Having a peek to their contents makes me feel we’re not so different. It isn’t hard to picturing yourself in that situation. It also makes me feel kind of bad of having luxury goods in my bags. We don’t even need a lipstick for surviving. Although this case just way too distant from our everyday lives, but it doesn’t

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