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Mc Sha Zhou is assimilated by American music recorded. He started doing the rap in his country even though he did not speak English. On the scene he is acting like American Rappers using the microphone and moving around and singing. In the same time the DJ named Dj Mikki was doing some mixtape with a mixing control. It is exactly how American rappers act on the scene. I can say that Mc Sha Zhou is alienated by American culture. He even have a chain of his favorite rapper and mentor named 2PAC or Tupac Shakur. Many other young boys of his country love him for what he is doing. He explains in the movie how he got so fascinated by American recorded music. He heard the “Back street boys” in grammar school without knowing what it was. He then got…show more content…
And I said in the previous essay that I was part of that. The only difference between MC Sha Zou and young people from Cote d’Ivoire is that young people from Cote d’ivoire have financial issues when it comes to purchase music instruments (mixing control, microphone etc…) or cassette tape etc... So instead of paying imported cd like Mc Sha Zhou, we were clapping their hands to get some bits and rap on it. Sometime, we were putting money together in order to purchase at least one cd of an American rapper. It was a daily live for us and our parents were always asking us to go to school for a better future. Some of the young boys like me were very fascinated by American rappers. In the same time we were going to school and working very hard. After school, we always met around 5:00 pm to share part of American rap and listening to new releases that other friends imitate. Today, even though we like American rap and recorded music, I can say I follow my parent’s desire and I am still going to school to become an important man in the future. Music has also made people important in the world and we can cite artists like R.kelly, Charlie Wilson etc… Mc Sha Zhou’s life is very different from mine but he is happy and his parents support him

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