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Traveling throughout America can show the immense blend of cultures present. Ishmael Reed is confident in America’s ability to become a world culture by affirming “America (should) become a place where the cultures of this world criss-cross. This is possible because the US is a unique world: the world is here” (14). Ishmael Reed and J.B. Priestley’s essays support the idea of America moving toward a world culture which comes from people’s ideals of internationalism and the influences and pooling of many cultures as well as the histories of civilizations here during, before, and after the creation of our nation. Traveling through the country opens up people’s eyes to different cultures. Soon, if not already, people won’t be able to travel…show more content…
Priestley explains “when a man says “my country” … he is thinking about his region” (4). Americans are unknowingly drawn to a region that “... people’s lives, from earliest childhood onwards, is so deeply intertwined with the common life of the region” (3). A world culture is presenting itself in many ways, one being that peoples regionalistic ideals transpose into contributions to a worldly culture. According to J.B. Priestley “we need regionalsim to give us roots and … internationalism to save the world and to broaden and heighten our civilisation” (10). Regionalism is the connection to a region and internationalism is described as a world culture. Priestley agrees to the fact that a world culture is already present, but warns that there is a risk of internationalism taking away from the important sense of regionalism (?). A world culture is already present, because a lot of contributions are already made to the world, including contributions to the arts and sciences. There are influences from other countries on art and other stuff (Reed?). Varying elements of communications are considered on a global scale, which influences people of all walks of life. With the capability of the internet, including but not limiting to social media and wordly news, it is extremely applicable and influential to all who encounter

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