Ishmael Reed And J. B. Priestley Analysis

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A world culture is essentially the idea of “global identification”, in the fact that America will no longer be considered a single nation of one origin, but a nation of many. Ishmael Reed is confident in America’s ability to become a world culture by affirming “America (should) become a place where the cultures of this world criss-cross. This is possible because the US is a unique world: the world is here” (14). Traveling throughout America is a way that can show the immense blend of cultures present. When all of the cultures and influences present in America are considered, one can make a correct assumption of the profound ability it has to become a nation defined as a world culture. Ishmael Reed and J.B. Priestley’s essays support the idea…show more content…
Soon, if not already, people won’t be able to travel as easily without hearing and seeing varying elements from different cultures. Ishmael Reed complements this idea of travel that “If the trend continues … it will be difficult to travel … without hearing commands in both English and Spanish” (2). J.B. Priestley would agree on the idea that public transport, considered internationally, is the main factor affected by this idea (7). New York City is what many people would consider a hub for diversity, which isn’t a hasty generalization, because a simple walk through any metropolitan area, not just New York, can prove diversity just by analyzing what is being seen and heard. The author of “America: The Multinational Society” touched on this idea that there is diversity in large areas describing Detroit, Michigan, and how “[the city] included mosques … [and there] were large numbers of Hispanic people, forty thousand of whom lived in the same city” (Reed 1). Different parts of America are more diverse than others as well, which therefore can create different ideals from person to person in different regions of the country because of exposure to different

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