Motivation In Rural Workers

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CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.0 BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY Motivation in the relation to work is an important area of concern for all level of management seeking to improve productive capacity of their worker, motivation has been defined as the factor that cause channel and sustain an individual behaviour, it contribute to the degree of commitment in a particular direction. The issue of motivation is sequel to the realization that the success of the spread of all essential and relevant primary health care activities to the communities depends mostly on how well the human resource involved in carry out those essential activities on health are motivated and well managed. According to Sutile (1977) the equality of an individual work life determines…show more content…
It is obvious that the impact of motivation to the health worker life would enhance the expanded energy need to energize the activities f the primary health care delivery in the rural area, an expanded energy will enhance the achievement of the goal and objective of the National Primary Health Care Development Agency (HPI-1CDA and that Million developmental Goal (MDG) on health which are all geared toward reducing to the barest minimum the mortality and morbidity rate among children, infant and pregnant women in the rural areas and to reduce the rapid population growth rate in the area through effective family planning programme and efficient health service…show more content…
i. This study will help to ascertain whether the delay in payment of salary and of the health workers can hamper the service delivery in the rural area primary health care activities. ii. To ascertain if provision of modern infrastructure in the rural primary health care centre can reduce the prevalent morbidity and mortality rate in the rural area. iii. To determine the extend at which training and development can affect health worker performance in the rural area This study will also look at some step through which the government at all level will follow to improve the working and living condition of the health work in the rural area. iv. To examine the extend at which government attitude toward inadequate provision of health care facilities will hamper health care delivery in the rural area. 1.3 SIGNIFICANT OF THE

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