Withholding Information From A Patient Essay

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What is withholding the information from a patient? Withholding the information from a patient is when a doctor will not tell a patient what their condition is. Now some people think that this is ok and other people think that this is not ok. We will listen to some stories and some facts about withholding the information from a patient and why doctors have a tendency to withhold information from a patient. Here is a story of a man living with cancer. Tom knew he had cancer even before the doctor told him. He knew that it was very serious and that he only had a few weeks left to live. He wanted to spend his last weeks at home with his wife but his condition kept getting worse and that made it hard for Tom to be able to stay at home. They had a at home caregiver but the lady would only stay around for a little bit and leave. The only thing she would do would be check up on Tom every once and a while. Tom has had a very long battle with cancer and it has taken a toll on him mentally and physically. The…show more content…
Well maybe they just want to live their life until they pass away. They might feel that people are going to judge them on if they only have a few days left or if they only have a few months left. And they don't want to be treated any differently than anyone else just because they are dying. They would rather be doing all of the things that they can still do and not have to worry about well if i do this then i might die faster. Or well if i am dying then people are gonna have me sit down all day and give me the super special treatment. Which shouldn't be happening to anyone that doesnt want it. They should be able to be doing the things they want so for example if they want to be at home, then they should have every right to be in the place that they want to be in. And they may simply not want to know because they know for a fact that they are not going to handle it very well so they just say i would rather not

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