Motivation Causes Goal Directed Behaviour

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Name : Vishal kalal STD: DIV- D P.G.D.M. ROLLNO.: 334460 Sub: Human Dynamic. Date: 14.09.2015 ASSIGNMENT NO.-1 An organization is facing the issue of higher attrition rate, hence the company thought on focusing on handling this issue. The two major areas of concern are motivation and attitude of the employees. You as a manager have to suggest the various tools one should use to identify the motivation and attitude levels of the employees. Mention all tools you would use and describe them in detail. Attitude: Attitude means a person personally known as behaviour of any persons nature are to be determine that are said to be Attitude. A predisposition or a tendency to respond positively or negatively towards a certain idea,…show more content…
Productive use of resource Modern organisation work through physical, financial, and human resources. the utilisation of resources depends on willingness of people to work. 2. Increased efficiency and output. Motivation enables people to work enthusiastically. As we all know performance is a product of not merely ability to do a task but the willingness to do the same with zeal and enthusiasm. 3. Achievement of goals. motivation causes goal directed behaviour. It helps people to move in a desired direction and earn rewards. in organisation where managers try to understand the need of employees and institute appropriate incentive system accomplishment of goals fairly easy. 4. Development of friendly relationships Motivation brings employees closer to the organisation. The need of employees are met through attractive rewards. Employees begin to take more in organisational work. 5. Stability in workforce. Attractive motivational scheme satisfy the need of employees. As a result their commitment to organisational work increases. Employees do their tasks loyalty and enthusiastically. they are not tempted to leave the organisation. Theories of…show more content…
Existence need: needs requires to preserve human life. Relatedness needs: they refer to all socially intended needs. i . e. people their surrounding social environment. growth needs : they reflects individual s desire to be self confident productive and creative. it just kind of Maslow s needs. Herzberg 's two factor theory: hygiene factors represent the need to avoid pain in the environment. They are not an intrinsic par of a job .they are associated the negative feelings. Motivators: Motivated associated with positive feelings of employees about the job . they are related to the content of the job. Theory X and Theory Y theory Y Employees inherently dislike work and will try to play and employees will shirk responsibilities and seek formal direction whenever possible. Theory Y employees can view work as being as natural as rest or avoid it and under proper condition employees do not avoid responsibility. Adam s Equity theory person: these are the people who perceive themselves in relation to other developed other people. Other : These are the people that are the basis of the comparisons

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