Essay On Ethical And Unethical Behavior

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Do you know what an ethical and unethical behavior is? Ethical means everything that is related to the moral behavior of the human being and his posture in the social environment. Ethical is the adjective and ethics is the noun. Ethics studies the moral principles that guide humans’ conduct. Ethics has a lot to do with the individual’s choice, that choice can affect others in a good or bad way; we can also say that ethics is like a superior who will evaluate the choice made by the person. This usually happens when an ethical dilemma arises or when it is necessary to make a hard, unpleasant choice or decision that implies a moral principle. The way of acting in society determines the behavior of the individual as ethical or unethical. A person…show more content…
The activities enable employees to develop personal and professional skills that stimulate personal growth and reinforce the concept of citizenship and its contribution to society by strengthening the team spirit and stimulating the community. The progress in business must be immediate and constant but without any corrupt behavior or involving any bribery, because we all know that it is very unethical to work this way. To prevent unethical behavior most companies have to work hard and have employees team up to develop good work and maintain a good reputation. When companies do that; it is clear that they want to be seen as good corporate citizens, creating activities that are beneficial not only to their stakeholders, employees, and shareholders and so on, but for the public and society as a whole. Companies should always come up with new ideas; to stimulate ethical procedures and reinforce the ethics in the work

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