Boots Felt Angry Against Humpty Divided After Puss In Boots

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THE INDIVIDUAL - PROCESS Emotion and Moods Emotions are intense feeling that are directed at someone or something. It usually very brief in duration. For example, Puss in Boots felt angry against Humpty Dumpty because Humpty Dumpty did not told him the truth that he was going to robbed the bank. This emotions had to turn into moods afterwards because Puss in Boots still feel despair and heartbroken how his best friend treated him this way. Moods are feeling that tend to be less intense than emotions and that lack a contextual stimulus. It is more general and the cause is often general and unclear. For example, Humpty Dumpty hold the grudge after Puss in Boots becomes the heroes in the San Ricardo and because of Puss in Boots left him behind…show more content…
It is important to the study of Organizational Behaviour because people’s behaviour are based on their perception of what reality is, not on reality itself. From the movie, Humpty Dumpty expected that Puss in Boots would be with him although he cheated Puss in Boots when he planned to robbed the banks. However, the reality is Puss in Boots do not want to involved and getting himself out of the evil deeds. Decision making means that an individuals have to make choices from among two or more alternatives. Decision making occurs as a reaction to a problem. Every decision also requires interpretation and evaluation of information. From the movie, Puss in Boots had to make decision whether to help Humpty Dumpty in order to pursue their childhood’s dream. Although he still cannot forget how he was been betrayed by Humpty Dumpty, but he do this job because he do not want to let down his Mama (Imelda) who takes him into her heart and raised him. Besides, Humpty Dumpty also had to make decision at the ending of the movie. Although the scene was touching when Puss in Boots hold Humpty Dumpty’s hands not to let him fall down the bridge and Puss in Boots said that he would never loose his hand again. However, in the end Humpty Dumpty make a decision to loose his hand himself, fall into the ground because he felt that

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