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Structure Introduction:30-45sec Dabeen:Now we are living in a modernized world having a capability of food supplies all of us could eat, but just before our world right now existed, there were various industries that occurred. Most of all, food industry and agriculture revolution were helpful for the increasing population. If agriculture revolution did not occur, some problems could be generated because there is not enough food for the increasing population, so these industry and revolution leads our lives comfortable. Dabeen: Monsanto is the obvious example of modern food industry company. Currently, they produce glyphosate herbicides, crop seed, and row crops. They were sold under brands such as Aroclor and Santotherm; the name Santotherm…show more content…
The reaping machine helped cutting the wheat, the steel plow helped preventing from getting sticky from the dirt, and the lawn mower cut the grass. As machines are being built, the population is increasing this is causing a shortage of crops,causing overpopulation, so scientist developed new ideas in agriculture in order to harvest more crops. One example is the artificial fertilizer, a chemical composition made with three elements:nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Through the artificial fertilizers, the closed nitrogen cycle, where the nutrients do not leave, becomes an open nitrogen cycle where the nitrogen gets out and then replant it, making it more useful than a normal fertilizer. Another example is the chemical pesticides, a scientist named Paul Muller discovered an insect-killing properties:DDT(dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane). But by the 1960’s, scientist realized that DDT is harmful towards animals and also humans. After the World War II, Europe and North America practiced industrialized agriculture in order to produce more crops, this revolution is called the Green Revolution. Through this revolution, less developed countries raised the amount of food production. For example, HYV(High-yield varieties) rice called the “miracle rice” yield 10 times as much than the traditional rice…show more content…
Monsanto is a company found in year 2001, headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, in the United States. It is a company of an agricultural biotechnology corporation and their purpose is to help the problem of overpopulation by producing more crops. The company adapted the methods, mostly from the green revolution, and developed the methods in order to make more crops. One example is GMO, a genetically modified organisms and has a risk on crossbreeding with the other crops,but Monsanto used this idea in order to develop GMO. For example, the GMO corn can protect harvests in water-limited conditions and other crops can promote the use of no-till farming, keeping a moisture soil according to Monsanto. Also, they made GMO resistant to insect and plant related diseases and because GMO makes more crops, this can meet the expectation of the requirement of crops in overpopulation. One innovations that Monsanto developed is Microbials. According to Monsanto, Microbes are found in nature, and the soils are saturated with microorganism.The use of microbial products can affect the outcome of a harvest just like making a decisions farmers make for seeds and fertilizers. Farmers can decide on using the microbial product which can make nutrients(phosphate or nitrogen) more available and help them

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