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Over the last century, Monsanto has become the most powerful company in the agricultural industry by putting profits over people, globalizing their markets, and producing and selling their products unethically in order to monopolize the food we eat. The expansion and globalization of Monsanto has negatively affected people throughout the world and the food they are able to buy. All around the world Monsanto has bought up conventional and genetically modified (GMO) seed suppliers in order to dominate the agricultural industry. For instance, “Monsanto has bought up the business of corporations such as Cargill, Agracetus, Calgene, etc.” (Shiva 150) and through the sales of these companies Monsanto was able to collect their patents. Monsanto’s…show more content…
The FDA and other notable government agencies have pushed and lobbied many dissolute laws that only help Monsanto and its partners. Within Pennsylvania, the agriculture secretary Dennis Wolff “issued an edict prohibiting dairies from stamping milk containers with labels stating their products were made without the use of artificial hormone” (Barlett and Steele 140). Monsanto’s control over the US government is obvious through the legislation passed to give Monsanto loopholes, but one factor is incredibly prominent. Monsanto has continually stepped in and coerced the FDA and the FTC into not doing long-term studies of their genetically modified produce and artificial growth hormones. Through this practice, Monsanto can routinely say to consumers that the only “real” difference between organic and genetically modified produce is how it grows and the price. While much of Monsanto’s power lies within the United States proper, the company essentially controls a lot of the third world countries that produce their products. Because of the problems with the larger scale profitability of mustard seed, many Indians believe that both Monsanto and the Indian government conspired to rid the country of mustard oil and replace it with soybean. Much of this conspiracy is believed to be caused by Indian officials who could profit off of Monsanto the way many American lawmakers

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