House Of Usher

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Psychosomatic Thriller- “The Fall of the House of Usher” The Gothic, mysterious narrative, “The Fall of the House of Usher,” written by Edgar Allan Poe, is a tale of madness, sickness, incest, and the peril of unrestrained creativity, perhaps being one of his most critically examined, popular horror narratives. I was mesmerized by the concept of a decaying mansion, full tattered tapestries, broken furniture, as well as the detailed setting, which happens to be a desolate, gloomy locale, yet is also a well-off symbolic representation with its inhabitants, Madeline and Roderick Usher. I considered the use of the term “arabesque” which Poe used to refer to descriptive, ornate prose, not only in this tale, but in other stories as well, a…show more content…
Roderick asks the narrator for his assistance as he wants to entomb her body beneath the house, in a vault. The aftermath of Madeline’s demise is a very predisposed Roderick – restless, pale, and terrified. The two men try to find comfort in what they have done, however, it becomes more difficult as time passes. Roderick claims he could hear his “undead” sister trying to free herself from her tomb and that she has been endeavoring to get out for a couple days and that he also fears that she is going to come after him in order to exalt her revenge. Rodrick’s prediction comes true; fierce winds from a storm, bursts the front door open, and there stands Madeline covered in blood from her struggles to free herself from the vault. As she falls into Roderick’s arms, he falls to the floor and dies of shock and horror. Upon watching this, the narrator flees the mansion right before it collapses (Hammond 8). The story has three main characters: the unnamed narrator, Roderick Usher and Rodrick’s twin sister, Madeline. All three of the characters present ambiguous symbolism as well as, psychological constituents that support the thesis statement. The story opens as the narrator is sitting astride his horse and clearly his life isn’t any better: he contemplates on his horse all while he is feeling an unbearable bizarre gloom – darkness surrounding him, the oppressing sky and the decaying Usher mansion. The darkness that surrounds him almost leads to his own death in the decaying Usher mansion (Magill
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