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nother research is the analysis of current situation on standard dictation. Peng (2010) reported the current situation of standard dictation as both a teaching and testing device in junior and senior high school in Shanghai. She found out training on standard dictation was rarely used in these schools, whereas more attention was paid to item or sentence dictation. Thus she suggested that more attention should be paid to standard dictation in middle school for the sake of the developmental in students’ listening comprehension and global English ability in use. Another brunch of research is on the effect of standard dictation on global language ability. Yang (2003) investigated the effect of systematic classroom dictation practice on the overall…show more content…
She carried out an experiment, and two survey on 90 students’ learning effort and attitude. The findings revealed that both dictations were productive in enhancing their listening and dictation ability. Moreover, the result of the survey was in line with the experiment, indicating that students favored dictation as a teaching and learning device. Peng (2012) explored how to implement effective dictation practice for part time adult English majors by using questionnaires, surveys, interview and tests in four rounds of action research. dictation practice referred to standard dictation. The findings indicated that dictation was a fairly effective teaching technique because it can not only meet the learning need, but also dramatically enhance their dictation ability and improve English proficiency. Li (2015) studied the influence of standard dictation on integrated English ability in non English majors, involving their listening, vocabulary, reading, writing and translation. The findings revealed that standard dictation was only effective in listening, reading and…show more content…
The results revealed that dictation input training significantly related to the development of student’s listening ability and had a positive effect on enhancing student’s listening ability. Jing (2009) studied the influence of error correction-based passage dictation (standard dictation plus error correction) on the awareness of content cognition and listening strategy among English major sophomores through questionnaire and experiment. The results suggested that error correction-based passage dictation was effective in improving students context cognition competence and raising awareness in listening strategies. Li (2011) tended to investigate standard dictation‘s effect on improving listening proficiency in non English major postgraduates and the relation between standard dictation training’s effect and student’s own listening proficiency level through experiment. The findings indicated that training on standard dictation had a positive impact on improving listening proficiency. Furthermore, there was a negative co-relation between its effects and students’ own listening

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